"Who or what would you be without your thoughts?" 
Gina Lake

Spiritual Awakening Coaching

Spiritual awakening means so many different things to people. There is intellectual and social awakening. However, the spiritual awakening I’m referring to is the unequivocal realization and acknowledgment that one is not their egoic mind and body. It’s having a direct experience and knowing which is beyond mere beliefs, faith, and hope.

A helpful step in that endeavor is to start to quiet the mind, which is probably simpler than you think. Realize that thoughts are simply just thoughts and have no power over you unless you let them. Thoughts do not reflect who you truly are. It’s the furthest from the truth. One gets caught up in a thought because a part of us believes the thought to be true. On further examination, one may see that they are false or untrue and eventually extraneous.

Letting the egoic personality run the show is like holding back your true essence, like a cork held underwater. It takes effort and energy to keep the cork held underwater. Eventually one gets tired of the will of the ego. Our true nature is always there patiently waiting to be noticed just under the surface. When we let go and surrender, our true nature effortlessly emerges as simply as the cork rises to the surface of the water when it’s let go. Play the video for a quick visual.

I help those who are ready to reconnect with their true nature. To squash the longing for home, peace, and feeling whole. I’m more focused on exercises and meditation so you can have a direct experience. We can, of course, have discussions, however, a lot of talking will just appeal to the egoic mind.

Frank Kinslow and Gina Lake had the most influence over my spiritual awakening. I'm not a non-dual coach, more of an un-dual (before the oneness). Please use the contact form when you have questions or want a coaching session with me.