"The quieter you become the more you are able to hear." 

About me

At a young age, my mother tried to indoctrinate me into religion but I had questions. The answers didn’t resonate as true and didn’t make any sense, so I never studied any religion growing up. I’m not against any religion, it just wasn’t for me.

In 1993, I started asking myself the usual big life questions like who am I? What is God? What’s the meaning of life? etc. This started my quest for answers and the truth. Soon I realized that I had fear of God and that I could be struck down by lightning, which told me that I still had been indirectly influenced by religion. I started healing my childhood pains and trauma that I didn’t even know where there. This included sexual abuse which, being a man, was hard to acknowledge at the time.

For years, I purged emotional wounds. I tried many healing and empowerment modalities. I had a very active mind with lots of wild thoughts. The thoughts were judgemental and mostly negative. My thirst for new age knowledge never relented. I had some extraordinary spiritual experiences that were revealing. In late 2014, I had enough of mental suffering and wanted things to change. In January 2015, I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening while reading a Gina Lake book on a train. It felt like a switch was permanently flipped above and in my head. A realization that I was not the mind or body. Up to this point, it was only a belief. Now it was a knowing. I knew that I was not the ego and why there is one. It also came with an added benefit of a much quieter mind. I had also done prep work with Frank Kinslow’s meditations.

After another year or so, during meditation, I experienced our true nature. This has never left me. It took until 2019 to mostly integrate into by being (and I’m sure it’s still going on). Now I welcome the opportunity to help others.

Man viewing clouds picture

Why am I sharing all this? Because a coach can only take you as far as they have gone. I’ve started from fearing God to having a direct experience of our wonderful and benevolent true nature. I offer spiritual coaching to those seekers that are earnest, dedicated, and want to reconnect with their true nature. It doesn't have to take years like me.

Thoughts come and go just like clouds. You can witness thoughts without having to get hooked by them. Read "The Cloud" which will be eye opening and may challenge your perception of reality. View the short Frank Kinslow video on how easy it can be to quiet your thoughts found on the video page.

I'm not a non-dual coach, more of an un-dual (before the oneness). I’m humbly at your service. Please use the contact form when you have questions or want a coaching session with me.