"What we are looking for is what is looking." 
St. Francis of Assisi
Picture of person suffering
Have you been suffering?

When we've had enough suffering, it becomes a catalyst for change. It directs us to pick a different path than the egoic mind.

Picture of unhappy person
Nothing makes you happy?

Things that are temporary, or can be destroyed do not bring lasting happiness. Real happiness is found within.

Picture of lost person
Are you lost or feel something's missing in your life?

The connection to our true nature is what we truly crave and feeling whole again.

Maybe you’ve explored religions, crystals, tarot cards, healings, firewalking, etc. but have not gotten any closer to experiencing your true nature. That feeling of profound peace, stillness, and being home.
Learn to quiet your mind since it's one of the doorways to experiencing our true nature.
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